Do you, actually love food?


We all love food, So much , So much
We think about it all the time, we Instagram it, Facebook it, Snapchat it, Twits it.
But in fact, we are not.
You may ask why ?

Ok. Let’s check. Have you ever:
– save up and store the leftover in the fridge after dinner?
– Put leftover in the fridge, but rediscover them weeks later after some fuzz growing on them?
– Cook too much food?
– Mistakenly throw out the food before the use-by best before date ?
– Buy fast food last min instead of cooking the food at home ?
– Buy more food than we need?

These are the stories of food waste that happened every day in our society.


You may think that it is not a big deal when we throw away a piece of bread, fruit, vegetables or leftover. Oh ! It doesn’t matter. Who cares about this piece of food waste.

BUT  do you know that almost “half ” of the world’s food thrown away ?

It is unfortunate to tell you guys, most of you do not love food as much as you imagine,because of you, they are wasted.


Want to know more about food waste fact ?
Keep up with our next post ! fruit-group.png





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