What is old to me, is new to you. Let’s Party !

Did I just say Party? Yes!

I have been thinking of what is the fun way to cut down the food waste.

And then I come up with an idea of “ Leftover party “ ?
Everyone can do it, easy and fun.
What is leftover party?
Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 12.49.15 pm.png

Invite friend, family, work mates and neighbor for gathering. Ask them to bring up their fresh and edible leftover and then recook them with different recipe to create new dish.
But why holding leftover party is an awesome idea?

There are so many benefits of “reuse” these leftover like:
– Save money !
– Clean up food storage and consume something fresh!
– Don’t need to prepare meal from scratch ( Save Time ! )
– Easy to create new dish and try something new !
– Reduce food waste
** More importantly, Get a chance to catch up with everyone you love ! **

Here is some perfect recipe that I recommend :
Chinese Style: FRY RICE

Normally you need to prepare heaps of ingredient to make Chinese fired rice, but if you got headache on how to do with leftover, like half onion, a piece of chicken legs, cropped carrot…..

You are now good to make fried rice.


Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 12.39.21 pm.png
More like just put everything in !

Japan style:  BEEF SUKIYAKI
Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 12.45.00 pm.png
Comfort food !


Keep up with us, something awesome coming up xx 🙂



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