Feed the earth with you waste :)

Beside think about how to reduce food waste in our daily life, we can also consider how to recycle and reuse these waste !

* Compost * will be one of the most efficiency way that we can easily implement in our everyday life !

Oh oh. What is compost ?
Compose is a natural process of recycling any organic material and turn them into decayed organic material used as a fertilizer for growing plants. It is the BLACK GOLD for plants !
What are the benefits ?

There are some many reasons that you guys should start to compost !

* 1 *
Compost can reduce the among of household food waste, while it can improve soil quality and garden vitality by releasing the rich nutrients in the compost into the soil of your garden

* 2 *
Saves money – You do not need to spend extra on artificial fertilizer (man-made chemical compounds) for your garden

* 3 *
Add organic fertilizer to soil increases soil stability , which improves drainage and helps retain moisture

Organic and healthy soils improve plants growth, these healthier plants and vegetables will have strong ability to resist pests and diseases.

* 5 *
Moreover, compost can prevent greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the aerobic breakdown of organic material and reduces the amount of garden and kitchen waste going to Landfill

* 6 *
Composting will be a good way for kids to educate children about nature and cycle of life. Let your kids to embrace the natural environment !

Keep with our next post,  we will teach you how to compost ! xx
See ya !



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