Join us for Compost, It’s fun !

Start your own garden compost is so much easier than you think.
Here’s will be some of the easy method & tips for you to start your compost journey !

So first, What can you compost ?
The Answer will be The Good & the Bad & the Ugly !
Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 5.28.42 pm.png

Any vegetables,  fruits, dead flowers, leaves, egg shells, newspapers, used cooking oil, hairs …. they all can add to a compost heap! These material are common in a household which it’s easy to find.

However, REMEMBER diary products, meats, bread, infected plants is a NO NO material for compost heap.

Also, Make sure you have these KEY component !

Nitrogen.pngNitrogen : Green ingredients assist grow & reproduce organisms to oxidise the carbon 
41261537-Periodic-table-Carbon-Stock-Photo.jpg Carbon:  Brown ingredients provide energy, which is HEAT (e.g. leaves)
k18965413.jpg Oxygen : Turn and mix it regularly
images-1.jpg Water: Keep it moist
memo-pad-block-of-wood.jpg Stay Small : Cut your compost material into little pieces !


Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 5.56.14 pm.png

Start with a thick layer of coarse materials, such as twigs or mulch, this is used for drainage. Then follow with a layered system using the materials on the brochure this includes both Garden clippings and kitchen scraps. Its important that as a company you water each and every time. It is important you keep your compost well aerated to prevent foul odours or methane.

Turn your compost with a garden fork on a weekly basis. Depending on the mix of ingredients the duration for the compost to turn into a rich soil can be anything from 6 weeks to 6 months.

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