Less waste, Share your love, And Donate

Hi peeps, how was your long holiday weekend? Spend amazing time and having fun with families and friends? Of course, it’s also a good time to think about how to help people who might not have enough food to eat. No one should go hungry in this world, you can share you love to others by donating your surplus food and resource.


// Give food, more love //

There are many people out there don’t have enough food to eat every day. There are children that go to school without breakfast, families struggle to get enough food for dinner, people sleep in with empty stomach… We have the powers to stop these, donate our food will be one of the best way to help out our community while cutting down our own food waste.

Before you throw away your surplus food, check out food bank, food rescue organisation  and food charities that are running in your local area.  In Australia, Food rescue organisation like OzHarvest, Foodbank, GiveNow will be the best choice for you to donate the excess food, as they have a perfect developed collaborative supply program and system.



In next blog, I will give you more information of what we can donate and how we can contribution ! See ya 🙂


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