What to donate, how to donate ?

Donate excess food items to food bank and charity group is an excellent idea !

But REMEMBER, before you donate your food, you need to make sure you are giving the food item that they really need.

Food bank care about and attention to the individual and families that receive their help. They focus on nutrient education and good health of the vulnerable individual. Healthy food item that is low in saturated fat and sodium, rich in protein, vitamins and others good nutrient ingredient will be more welcome. Moreover, these food item need to be fresh, safe and clean (non-perishable food are always needed), which ensure the safety and health of the people who receive these foods.


Here will be some recommendations of “What food I can donate?

Packed Juice Drinks  juice-02-1024x640.jpg
Canned Food ( Any types of vegetable, fish and meat )  tuna.jpgurl-3.jpg
Nuts and Breakfast cereal   imgres.jpgurl-4.jpg
Vegetable oil and olive oil  url-5.jpg
Long life milk  url-6.jpg

How can I donate ?


There are different options for food donation.

Option1 * : You can be the regular basis donator if you always consume extra food items and have high volume of extra food items every week/month.

Option2 * : You can donate food sometimes only when you have excess food at home. You can contact organisation, like OzHarvest and ask them to pick up your food immediately.

< Food donation not only can reduce the among of food waste, but also help out the vulnerable society through give out the resource to people who actually need it. >

Sharing is caring. We love our beautiful planet & our people.
Let’s donate your food today ! 🙂



2 thoughts on “What to donate, how to donate ?

    1. karenng116 says:

      No worries. I always buy too much food item when I go supermarket. I’m a regular food item donator and it’s great that I can help people who in need and reduce food waste on the same time. The feeling of helping others people are so great ! 🙂


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