£3 meal from Top restaurant!?

We all know that restaurants discard large quantities of food that are fresh and editable, but unsold. But how we exploited this problem ? Don’t worry, someone got it solve !

Today, I will introduce you guys a new app can change your life. Save our stomach with a bargain & the waste of food in the same time!

‘Too Good To Go’ is a brand new app innovated by 2 young British guys, Chris Wilson and friend Jamie Crummie. It let you order food from top restaurant in UK that would supposed to discard for NOT MORE than £3.5 !  How amazing it that !

They work with any restaurants and food producer that can provide freshly-cooked excess food from Maki Sushi at Spitalfields, and Pepe’s Italian St Food in Soho, local cafés and bakeries to large buffet chains such as Jimmy’s World Buffet.

How does it work?

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 4.51.32 pm.png
Step 1 : Download the App. Then use ur GPS to locate yourself with GPS to find out the participation restaurants that’s in your area

Step 2: Place your order and go to take your meal before the restaurant closed before lunch or dinner ( within a designated time )

Step 3: Show the staff the electronic receipt and then you can now take your meal home ( with an eco-friendly sugarcane boxes )


No just ordering food for yourselves, you can also donate meals to others who in need for just £1 !!!

Still now, 96 restaurants and cafes have already joined their Apps and it has already launched in different part in UK, like Birmingham, Brighton and Leeds.

I think this idea is so DAMN brilliant! I really hope that their App will expand around the world.  (COME TO Australia…. Please)

** What do you think about this App? Tell me what you think by comment below ! **



4 thoughts on “£3 meal from Top restaurant!?

    1. karenng116 says:

      I hope they are taking the app to Aus ASAP ! Also, there is another app call Yume, it has started in Melbourne and is assisting in reducing food waste through a similar concept! 🙂


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