Calling all the beer lover. The man who turn bread into beer

Do you ever waste a slice of bread?  I think everyone did it before.


So how long it takes to make a load of bread? Nine months.
8 months for the wheat seed and plant to mature,
1 month for the process from harvested the crop, milled to flour and baked into bread
During the process, a large amount of different resource is needed, water, land, energy, fertilizer, transport …  What a huge effort.

However, among all the food item that has been wasted, ‘bread’ always sit on the top of the list. In UK, more than 24 million slices of bread being discarded every year.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 3.00.53 pm.png
A brewery has discovered a way to turn all this “wasted and unwanted” bread into beer. This totally changes the life of the “wasted bread”. Tristram Stuart, Feedback founder and creator of the Toast Ale idea said,’ I spend my whole life to tackle the global issue of food waste, and that’s why I come up the idea of Toast Ale brew.

Toast Ale brew was inspired by the Brussels Beer Project, a Belgian brewery whose first start to make recycled bread beer. They provided their receipt and Tristram adjust the flavor which meets British taste.


They collected excess and fresh bread from bakeries, delis and others café. Then, they mash the bread into breadcrumbs and brew it with malted barley, hops and yeast. The taste of the beer is very special and unique, which will cost you only £3 to get one.

All profit will return back to the food waste charity, Feedback, which their goals is to reduce half of the food waste in UK by 2030.

Celebrity like Jamie Oliver already become a fan of it!

I see a better future of our bread, do you want to give a try?

Here’s their website:


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