Store it wise

Summer, a season for fresh fruits and vegetables J Personally, I stored up two dozen of tomato, 4 boxes of strawberries, 2 brunch of banana, 4 ice brag lettuce… Oh… I think I am too hungry when I go to the market, which make me bough too much food items. Question is here, how can I keep them fresh before I eat all of them?

I think everyone had experienced the same challenge before. Most of the fruit will only last for 2 – 5 days under room temperature. Store vegetable and fruit inappropriate and buy too much food items can cause a large amount of food waste, which can contribute to the global food waste and environmental issue. Today, I will inform you the simple idea of how to keep your fruit and vegetable fresher and Longer.


Rule No 1:

Fruit contain high levels of  ethylene, which can become a ripening agent that foster the ripening process or spoil surround the vegetable. You should store your vegetable and fruit separately in a cool and dry place.

Rule No. 2 for vegetable

For vegetables, before your store your vegetable in the fridge, remove ties and rubber bands. Do Not wash them until you use them. Trim the leafy ends, and pierce a few hole of the bags for goof air flow. For herbs and leafy greens, put them in a jar of water to keep it fresh and alive (like how you store a bouquet of flowers).

Rule No. 3 For Fruit

Wash your berries and put them in a mixture of 10:1 water and white vinegar (remove excess dirt, pesticides and also preventing mold). Fruit like avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, melons, apples, and pears will need to be store in fridge instead of countertop to slow down the ripening process.


What you think you do its just store your fruit in an appropriate and save some money. But you also in action to help and save our society and planet.

Learn it and start it today !

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8 thoughts on “Store it wise

  1. BinAware says:

    Love the layout and format that your campaign is choosing. Even makes me feel like to have the appetite grabbing more food when I read your other food blogs haha.
    Great tips especially for the fruit one. I personally experienced a number of times that hardly keep fruits fresh:( Same as you, when I went to supermarket, I just couldn’t stop myself buying whole bunch of fruits and veggies but storing and keeping them fresh is always a problem. Eventually, I tried to control myself not to get too many fruits and veggies at one time in case they turn bad and waste them… Accroding to a statistic that we previously collected, Australia produces 3.3 million tonnes of food waste daily, and we don’t want to be one of them:0
    BinAware’s recycling campaign has also kept an eye on reducing food waste and other aspects. We have followed your other social media platforms and would love to hear from you visit back our campaign and give us more generous feedback and suggestions!


    1. karenng116 says:

      Thanks for supporting my campaign, I really appreciate that. I think everyone have this kind of situation before, it is very important to teach people how to store them probably. I will definitely go to check out your campaign and hope you guys doing well as well! Let’s spread the message out 🙂


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