Relish the Taste

Do you ever think about you can turn Your Food waste into PREMIUM product ?

In the last post, I informed you guy how to keep your fruit and vegetable fresh. However, there will still excess fresh food item that we will not able to consume before it get spoil.
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The founder of the Drexel Food Lab, Jonathan Deutsch makes a move to rescue the excess fresh food products and save the hunger problem. They produce batches of relishes made from the excess food that the local anti-hunger organization in Philadelphia can’t consumer before they get spoil.

A relish is a cooked, pickled or chopped vegetable or fruit  typically used as condiment in particular to enhance a staple, like pickle or dill relish. It is the perfect way to preservice the fresh and seasonal produce.

They sell the relish products back to nonprofit grocery store, food bank and charity for people who in need. Jonathan also try to corporate with large supermarket chain to carve out a larger customer group. He believed that it can reduce the excess food item and sustain our ethical food system.

Well. We also can make relish at home with our own excess vegetables. Here are some amazing and tasty relish’s receipts that is easy to make: Try it out guys !


Polish Pickled Beetroot:
The beetroot makes a great relish for cold meats or layer in a sandwich.

Chunky tomato relish
Let’s add some colour and flavour to all your favourite meat dishes or sandwiches.

Cucumber and Zucchini Pickles
Classic sweet and sour pickle. On top of burger, salad, hotdog … in everything

Sweet and Hot Corn Relish
Great snack of tea time ? Ummm… Great with soup beans cornbread,  fried taters too 🙂



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